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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
Yes, we certainly could. But a Metropolis in which a black Superman faces no negative racial consequences is somewhere between the green people Metropolis and an absolutely racially realistic Metropolis. And, as I said before, the movie business can certainly escape any accusation of having a history of being 100 percent realistic in terms of racial issues.
To add more to this...

It is not important for every hardship and challenge a character has faced in his life to be fleshed out in full detail. Because an audience has an imagination. Frequently it is more important just to know that the character has faced some hardship and challenges than to know the specifics of those hardships and challenges.

I just watched the movie "Ma" that is now playing in theaters. Spoiler:

The hardships and challenges that Octavia Spencer's character has faced in life are shown in flashbacks, but we never find out why she was the target of such suffering. We just have to guess at it. Was it because of her race? Her physical appearance? Her nerdiness? We never know. No one ever calls her an ugly nigger nerd. All we know is that she was bullied by the popular kids in high school and that it made her crazy. Octavia could be white and skinny and her character could have had the same arc.

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