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Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
So if Elves or Dwarves or Goblins or Klingons really existed, they wouldn't resemble any modern ethnicities except by coincidence. Sure, when JRR Tolkein imagined Elves, he probably imagined them as white people. But even if they were "fair", meaning pale skinned, that wouldn't mean they should look like northern Europeans, any more than dark skinned people from South Asia always look like dark skinned people from Africa. It's a failure of imagination. Just like Japanese people imagine mythological beings and aliens that look Japanese, Indians imagine Indians, and white Americans tend to imagine white people. But we all recognize that's a failure of imagination, right? .
I don't mid elves that look black, or elves that look Chinese, or elves that look Polynesian. Any or all of these would be cool, and relatively original. My problem is seeing a community of elves, some of whom look white, some of whom look black, and some of whom look Asian, because I'd have questions: are some of them immigrants? Are they different castes? Are elves racist (with other elves, I mean; obviously they're racist against humans, because, you know, elves)?

Because let's be honest: in many cases, race is evidence of racism. It's not normal for people of different races to live alongside each other, because in a normal society, everyone has sex with everyone, and within four or five generations, everyone looks more or less the same (within the normal range of human appearance). A multiracial society is either a society in flux, or a society that places social restrictions on people fucking. Either way, I want to know the story. Ignoring it is lazy worldbuilding.