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Originally Posted by Crane View Post

I stated that personal responsibility requires that all women have authority over decisions for which they are responsible. I did not deal with the motives of Conservatives.

The issue is not a matter of adoption or male attitudes toward birth control. Personal responsibility simply requires personal authority. Having sexual relations is not an absolute 'sin'. It is a decision one makes. Birth control is not 100% effective. An unwanted pregnancy can be terminated. It is a matter of personal authority and responsibility.

So, if personal responsibility is a Conservative value then Conservatives support abortion.

Of course we have yet to define Conservative and list Conservative values.
How does having personal responsibility allow a woman to kill her unborn baby? Personal responsibility means taking responsibility for your own decisions. If someone decides to take an action like having sex it is their responsibility to deal with the foreseeable outcome of that decision. Not to kill another person to evade the consequences of their action.