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Bo Bichette is off to a hell of a start; in eight games he's got 15 hits, including six doubles and three home runs. He's also made four errors, so he is exciting on both sides of the ball.

Vlad Jr. is quietly having a fine season too (though like Bo, he makes a lot of fielding errors.) He didn't do a lot his first few weeks and so the hype died down, but after fritzing around .200 for awhile he's up to .279, and in half a season's worth of games has 13 homers and 49 RBI, with a respectable K-W ratio so it's not a fluke.

I remain convinced that Vlad has a pretty good chance of basically being another Miguel Cabrera. Everyone compares Vlad to his Dad, but the similarities to Cabrera are striking. They are physically very similar and are both righthanded hitters with incredible bat speed, plate converge, and batting eyes. Both made the majors at 20, and their numbers in their age 20 season are interchangeably similar; Miguel hit .268 with 12 bombs in about the same number of games. (Vlad's season totals for the year will go higher because he can play 45-50 more games, but right now they're eerily alike.) Both came up playing positions they clearly are not ideally suited for - Cabrera played third and left field, Vladdy plays third - and Cabrera moved to first and Vladdy obviously will eventually. That is, I think, Vlad's future; a first base slugger who can win batting titles and home run titles. He is a truly awesome hitting prospect.

Bo is harder to put a projection on. He wasn't tearing up AAA this year.
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