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Originally Posted by Tom Scud View Post
Yeah, he's only "disappointing" compared to the ridiculous pre-season hype. In a weak year, he'd be a decent Rookie of the Year candidate.
Oh, I suspect he's got a good shot at winning this year. Though there are some really good rookies this season they are disproportionately in the NL: guys like Tatis and Alonso and Reynolds and Soroka. The AL is weaker, or at least that's my impression in a quick scan of the top rookies in WAR. Looks like the only AL players who are above Guerrero's 1.8 score are Brandon Lowe (2.9) and John Means (3.5). If I were a bettin' man I'd bet on Guerrero because a) there's a good chance he's going to keep getting better and b) because celebrity counts and who's ever heard of Means or Lowe?

It's possible I missed somebody, of course. Guess we'll see.