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Originally Posted by Ulf the Unwashed View Post
Oh, I suspect he's got a good shot at winning this year. Though there are some really good rookies this season they are disproportionately in the NL: guys like Tatis and Alonso and Reynolds and Soroka. The AL is weaker, or at least that's my impression in a quick scan of the top rookies in WAR. Looks like the only AL players who are above Guerrero's 1.8 score are Brandon Lowe (2.9) and John Means (3.5). If I were a bettin' man I'd bet on Guerrero because a) there's a good chance he's going to keep getting better and b) because celebrity counts and who's ever heard of Means or Lowe?

It's possible I missed somebody, of course. Guess we'll see.
I actually did a search on rookies by WAR yesterday and as God is my witness I had no idea who Lowe was.

Vlad Jr. could absolutely win ROY if he plays well the rest of the way. If he gets hot and get above 20 homers, he will get a lot of votes. If the season ended now I'd vote for Means all week, but there is still a lot of baseball left to play. I'm not sure the precedent is great though. Toronto has had two ROYs - Alfredo Griffin in 1979 and Eric Hinske in 2002, and Alfredo didn't have another year that good for a decade and after he left Toronto, while Hinske never had another year even close to it.

In other Jay rookie news, Bo Bichette is the first player in major league history o get his first 10 extra base hits in fewer than ten major league games. He's just ripping the ball, it's quite something.
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