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One of my hobbies is visiting very specific museums. I've been to five different Cheese Museums (in Menorca, Spain, Cornwall, Belgium and possibly another one that's sort of blended in to the others).

Port Talbot, Wales, has the Baked Bean Museum of Excellence.

Greenwich, London, has the Fan Museum (it's well worth a visit)

Balham, London, has the Sewing Machine Museum - just gorgeous

There used to be a Guild of Clockmakers' Museum in the City of London, and it was such a chilled out and otherworldly place to visit, particularly on the hour, just you, a couple of other visitors, and dozens of chiming clocks

London has a lot of medical museums. Every major hospital has one, and there's one for Anaesthesia, There's a dental museum, a herb museum, everything really.

There are also museums for every major Army regiment, like the Horseguards Museum.

West Wycombe, England, used to have a chair museum. I saw the sign on the road and literally turned round and demanded we go there right that moment. Another closed one was the Clown Museum in London (an incredibly sad place to visit). The Canal Museum, also in London, probably counts as obscure enough for some of you, though to me it's pretty mainstream.

Amsterdam is pretty good for obscure museums, too. The Katten Kabinet is exactly what you might think it is. The Museum of Bags and Purses, the Hemp Museum, and oh I just remembered where the fifth Cheese Museum I've been to was.

There's a Dog Collar Museum in Kent I still haven't been to. I also haven't made it to the Lawnmower Museum or the Pencil Museum in Cumbria.

I've volunteered for the East London Women's Museum.

There are probably lots of others I've been to that some of you would consider strange. I always find it a really good way of learning about a topic, because you get in depth, it's usually personal and owned by one person, and staffed by volunteers who know their subject really well and can be enjoyably eccentric. So it's an insight into enthusiasts's minds, as well as the subject itself.

If I ever win the lottery, one of my dreams is to open a Dog Museum, and situate it on the Isle of Dogs near where I live in London. Isle of Dogs sounds a lot like I Love Dogs so I anticipate lots of merchandising opportunities.