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Originally Posted by What Exit? View Post
I hope you don't mind that they do a season 4 for all of us that loved every season so far. You're of course welcome to ignore its existence.

I think they'll wrap it up either next season or maybe do a 5th. But I also think they might spin some of the characters or ideas off.

I could see:

* Nancy & Jonathan doing a Kolchak the Night Stalker/X-files type show. Maybe with and hopefully with Murray.

* Show following another kid from the program like 011 & 008.

* Any of the 4 boys from the D&D group could have a life in college show and Dustin seems like the likeliest.

I think one of the reasons the show works is that none of the characters are really strong enough to pull off a show on their own, but as an ensemble cast of mostly unknowns (at least when they started out) they worked really well together. They have good chemistry, which is even more important than the special effects.