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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
I was willing to watch, but I wanted to like it more than I did. Dylan's (Cumming's) character never seemed to gel. He was supposed to be a top-notch CIA operative, but it never came across that way. I also had issues with Julian. Why is this person doing all of these extra-legal tasks for Dylan? The relationship with Lizzie also felt forced.

I'll watch the rest of the second season anyway, but I understand why it got cancelled.
CIA agents (hell, any good agents of whatever service) are far more likely to come across as nebbishy and boring than they are as James Bond. You do not want to be noticed. You want to appear ordinary and uninteresting. What made Dylan effective was his ability to understand the enemy and to outthink them.

As for Julian, he and Dylan are friends who have worked together for a very long time, in situations where their lives literally depended on each other. If it doesn't put him in danger, why not do a favor for a friend?

I have to admit that the relationship between Julian and Lizzie did seem to come out of nowhere.

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