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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
"What responsibility do you bear for your own situation" is not a question that liberals like to ask, because the answer is very often something other than "It's not my fault - it's society/institutional racism/class privilege/the government didn't give me enough money/I can't be expected to delay gratification or wear a condom".
Let's go back to thorny locust's post #288. In that post she interpreted your remark about altruism as a question: why might the ants institute a wealth tax on themselves and use it to support the grasshopper, even if he did nothing to contribute to the system?

Maybe it was altruism. You already agreed that such a rationale is possible. I would also roll up religious reasons into this category, even if they aren't always altruistic.

Maybe it was a practical "desire not to have to step over rotting bodies on the street", or otherwise deal with dead grasshoppers. You did not respond to that possibility.

Maybe it was because in real life, it is not so easy to distinguish between "ant"-like humans and "grasshopper"-like humans. The ants have good reasons to create a safety net for their own in-group, and so do hard-working human beings. Maybe the hard-working people think the "grasshoppers" can be rehabilitated and eventually pull their own weight again. Maybe they don't think it is worthwhile to screen and exclude grasshoppers from that program. Do you think that is possible?

None of these justifications for a safety net deny that the grasshopper was responsible for its own situation.