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Originally Posted by Abatis View Post
We can not be barred from speaking out against that government or writing in opposition to the government or assembling to protest the government or even, if we decide the government is violating the principles of its establishment, take up arms and abolish that government. None of these rights are given, granted, created or established by the government, such a concept is absurd; as is the belief these rights are granted by the compact by which the people grant government its powers. We possess those rights because we retained them, we never gave government any power to act against those interests.
This statement is absurd. And the Founding Fathers (who passed Alien and Sedition Acts) would tell you so.

You seem to be of the mindset that the Declaration of Independence has the force of law. Well, good luck with asserting in American jurisprudence that you retain some sort of right to take up arms and abolish the government. You will lose every single time.