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Lord of the Rings Online - missing quest

OK, I have been playing LOTRO off and on since I was in closed Beta, and I have a vague memory of a quest, but I am not sure it is still in the game. Though I suppose I could have imagined it...

The quest would have been in the early years of the game, I think possibly before Mines of Moria went live. I believe it had one of those backstory flash backs to a tribe of hillmen/sort of aboriginals. I also vaguely remember some sort of orb or sphere on a small hilltop.

Sorry for being vague. I tried hitting Google, and didn't turn up anything, but for some reason I think the name was something like Dum Burri Dum [but that isn't it, but the third word is the same as the first word.] I also think we are trying to get the guy who is the leader of his tribe to honor a promise of help in a fight.

[I am actually watching the trilogy while playing =) I am currently on Arkenstone as Miclic]