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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
For a long time the trend in public education, especially in urban areas, has been to hold students less and less responsible and accountable for their actions. At this point, students are being taught from kindergarten through 12th grade that they can show up late 100 times a year, not do work, swear at teachers, walk out of classrooms, destroy school property, and get into physical fights without any real consequences whatsoever. I think we are doing them a tremendous disservice because, when they graduate and walk out the door, we expect them to be "responsible adults" who get a job, show up to work on time, treat their bosses and fellow workers with respect, and do a diligent job at performing their tasks. Our public schools seem to be doing everything they can to achieve the opposite results.
They've been saying this for fifty years, if not more. Is this true? Is it more true than it was before? Do you have any evidence this is true or is it just "darned kids today"?
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