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Originally Posted by Lance Turbo View Post
If you don't believe the arguments you are posting, why should anyone else?
My argument was not that King was happy or that he loved black people.

My argument was that the people on the same side of the political spectrum as King look at evidence like Congressional rebukes and having associations with known and generally accepted racists, and dismiss it all as hearsay and nonsense.

My assumption would be that you look at King and at the evidence that he made racist statements, that he was rebuked, and that he associates with known racists and find it reasonable to assume, from that genuine and obvious evidence that he's a racist. You see that because you have no political blindfold that steers your brain away from considering these things in an impartial light.

But my assumption would also be that you acknowledge that there are partisans on the right who are blindfolded and who are steered away from being able to consider those pieces of evidence honestly.

Omar has tweeted exactly these words, "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." She has been rebuked by Congress for antisemitism. She associates with known and generally accepted antisemites.


I always say that there's a difference between knowing that something is true and believing that something is true.

Every smoker knows, for example, that they're killing themselves. But then when they get cancer or their dad dies of lung cancer or whatever, suddenly it dawns on them, "HOLY SHIT! THIS STUFF IS KILLING ME!", and they stop smoking.

There's a step beyond simply being aware that something is possible and will personally affect you, where you recognize that you were just deluding yourself and imagining that somehow you were the special one who wouldn't be affected.

You know that partisans can blind themselves to evidence.

If it's all the same evidence on the right for King as we see for Omar, why is King guilty and Omar is innocent?

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