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Took a nap and feel much better.
Naps are becoming a habit again, that is what happens when late night callers are drunk/high and want to talk for an hour. Or can't remember/understand what they were told and need it repeated... several times.

Having a problem with AT&T again Every time I call I get someone for whom English is not their first language and can't handle it when I go off script. Every time I try to fix it online I get either stuck and told to log out and log back in, or I get into a loop, or I get some asshole who tells me to delete my cookies and start over - which has never helped. Funny how the website irks perfectly if I want to buy a new phone. Last time I got some woman who asked permission to take control of my account, got to the point where I get stuck, and she got stuck. She said there is something wrong with the system. No shit! Today I got someone who couldn't hear me and said my phone was fading in and out. How convenient for her.
Every time I use the website I get asked for feedback. I am up to expletives for every third word and typing in ALL CAPS, and still no results.
I hate to change to a new carrier, I have been with AT&T for a long time, but I have had enough. All I want to do is block third party charges, that is an option, but it won't let me get there.