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Originally Posted by Lancia View Post
I tried to like the Escape. I really did. They're just too small, especially the back seat. Plus, no manual option. But I liked the AWD option and wish the Soul had one as well.
I know you said you wanted something roomy but did you take a look at the new Hyundai Kona? Worth a peek, in my opinion.

I'm more a fan of german engineering but I agree that Hyundai/Kia make some of the best value cars in the US market. Reliable (IMO) and nicer looking with every new model year.

My son is looking for a car, and while he's in the used car market, we're leaning towards a choice between Toyota and Hyundai/Kia small SUV for the reliability mostly.

As an aside, what's the longevity on a CVT transmission... anybody know?

As another aside , Lancia Delta S4 Stradale was an awesome car.
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