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Originally Posted by Lancia View Post
Getting back to the Soul. One thing Iíve been noticing is that, by and large, most modern cars areÖ pretty much the same. Back in the Good Old Days some manufacturers were junk (::cough,cough::British Leyland::cough), or otherwise decent brands had particularly crappy components (like the infamous Chrysler 2.6 V-6 engine). My impression is those days are gone and modern cars are designed to be driven well north of 200K miles without major repairs and then almost always itís electrical components / systems that need looked at.
That's the way I see it. Sure, different cars will drive slightly differently, but across a single category of vehicles, if made by major manufacturers they're all going to be pretty much the same. Your odds of getting an old-school-type "lemon" are as close to zero as it's ever been. So choosing one comes basically down to price, features, and aesthetics. Is it a price you can live with, does it have the features you want, and does it look cool to you (or at least not ugly)?

My sister has a Soul. She's happy with it.