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Originally Posted by John_Stamos'_Left_Ear View Post
This isn't just someone whining, it's a resolution that was passed unanimously by the board.

The NRA is terrible and the day they no longer exist will be a good one. But it means nothing even according to the Supervisor who introduced the resolution:However it does inflame gun owners to feel like they are being called terrorists and are inflaming a beast and donors at a time when it's been losing the PR battle and falling apart due to self-inflicted missteps.

This resolution does nothing good, won't help change any minds, but it sure will allow the NRA to claim victimhood (they are even suing over this) and probably squeeze more donations out of rubes at a time they can use it.

Also I am not sure that calling the NRA a terrorist organization is not a slippery slope that would demonize other groups. The NRA can be terrible without having that specific branding, a branding that means nothing for all practical purposes. They're bringing attention to something but it's also got the attention of gun fetishists.

Seriously, San Francisco, you're not helping.
The NRA put out a commercial calling liberals terrorists. They can get fucked.