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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
If they were persuaded to change their position, then that is a good thing. The stance that you are taking punishes anyone for ever changing their mind on things.
First they have to make it clear that they have changed their mind.

The GND needs to explicitly endorse nuclear energy, and make it clear that solar and wind and geothermal will not scale up to meet the world's energy needs in the 21st century. If it doesn't do that, it isn't worth anything. If Bernie and AOC think it can be scaled up, in ten years, to meet 100% of the energy needs of the US, then they haven't changed their position.
The idea that any changes in stance must be lies is one of the reasons why people get dug in on positions.

Your rhetoric on this is the opposite of helpful.
OK, she and Bernie didn't lie (then). They just changed their position. Let's hear them say so.
Would you say that the vast majority of bills that are changed between proposal and voting are things that the party that proposed it cannot defend, is embarrassingly stupid, but demands everyone's support?
This one is.

They put forth a resolution to see who will support it in principle. McConnell calls for a floor vote to see who will support it in principle.

"NO FAIR!!!!"