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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Better would be to first focus only on the heavily populated Northeast for high speed rail. A big problem there is that Amtrak doesn't control the tracks it uses.

So in your circles, solutions are not a priority; it's all about comedy. Got it.

Does your circle find Senator James Inhofe amusing? He's been in Congress for over 30 years and knows less about climate change than a 5th-grader.

How about Congressman Mo Brooks? The list goes on and on. Far from laughter, I think your circles are breathing a sigh of relief that there may be one young D who's almost as ignorant as a majority of R's. Aren't you afraid though, that in a few years she'll be a bit smarter and the R's will be even more ignorant than they already are?
Amtrak is low speed rail so new railbeds would be needed. Low speed rail is too curvy to be safe for the speeds of high speed rail. This need to buy thousands of miles of railbed in the heaviest populated part of the country would be insanely expensive.

Inhofe and Brooks are either ignorant or pretending to be ignorant about global warming because it is in their political best interests to be. Neither would be so ignorant as to propose a solution to the problem they claim to be the most important in the world that not only has no chance of passing but makes the issue harder to solve because it poisons the well and makes convincing skeptics harder.

I don't agree with Pelosi on just about anything but at least she is politically savvy enough to drop the GND like a hot rock.