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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Better would be to first focus only on the heavily populated Northeast for high speed rail. A big problem there is that Amtrak doesn't control the tracks it uses.

So in your circles, solutions are not a priority; it's all about comedy. Got it.

Does your circle find Senator James Inhofe amusing? He's been in Congress for over 30 years and knows less about climate change than a 5th-grader.

How about Congressman Mo Brooks? The list goes on and on. Far from laughter, I think your circles are breathing a sigh of relief that there may be one young D who's almost as ignorant as a majority of R's. Aren't you afraid though, that in a few years she'll be a bit smarter and the R's will be even more ignorant than they already are?
Well maybe Gizmodo/Cnn/Slate/Salon/Huffpo/Young Turks should be giving Inhofe as much screen time as they give AOC? But that would run into..."How dare you give that ignoramus a platform!!!"