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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
So, goals we can't achieve, at a cost we can't determine. And we have to sign on, or we are against civil rights or something. Do you recognize, at all, how that sounds to someone other than a True Believer?
I have no sympathy for conservatives at all. You've brought it on yourselves by being against every movement for social progress in the country's history.

Now here's a mere feel-good resolution - not a law, or even a proposed bill - that finally steps up and says that we can tackle the current problems and looming crisis. Something whose possible solutions and ameliorations, may I remind you, conservatives have been actively retarding and voting down for decades. And your response is to basically call anyone in favor of making a better future an enemy of the country.

Nope. Not this time. This time we're going to switch it around and call conservatives the enemy of the country, as they are and have been since forever.

You don't like being reminded you're the same people who tried to crush civil rights? Well, maybe that will help you to think straight about what you're opposing now, which is as big and important and overdue as civil rights was.