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Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
I, along with many others, have been saying for years that we should adopt some of these tactics. People do want to feel good. They want to hear that the future will be better. And they don't really care about the fine details.
So "will this work" and "how the dickens will we pay for all this" are "fine details"?
Originally Posted by septimus
AOC ... AOC ... AOC. The President is a criminal jackass who has surrounded himself with sycophants and other criminals. Ross, Chief Criminal of the Commerce Dept., who has used his position in illegal trading, is, as recently posted here, alleged by a federal judge to be trying to subvert the upcoming census.
Again, you are missing the point rather badly. Changing the subject is not going to work.

If the GND is a stupid idea, it does not become less stupid no matter what you think Trump did. Even if you get your wish, and Trump is dragged off in handcuffs and sent to Gitmo, solar and wind will not scale up to meet the needs of the world economy. High speed rail does not become economically viable when a Republican goes to prison.

"Trump is bad" is not evidence that the GND is anything more than a fantasy.

:shrugs: At least, if the word comes to an end in twelve years, we will have a definite end to the Mueller investigation. I'm not sure anything else will do it.