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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
The other point I'd like to suggest is that if we truly are getting 'better' debates in the Pit than in GD, then perhaps the GD rules need to be reconsidered--we shouldn't need two debate forums. The Pit (IMO) really shouldn't be a debate forum--it's for rants.
I disagree. I think that one of the reasons that debates in the Pit can be interesting is that some of the groundwork is already set in GD. If GD threads became a brawl in each thread, they would all quickly become anti-productive. The reason that threads from GD that land up in the Pit can sometimes be so interesting is that they're generally very contentious and the part that can be productively argued about is largely done.

My vote. I would like to see these things to NOT be posted in the Pit:
-any Pitting where the OP expects sympathy or understanding (those can go in MPSIMS)
-any Pitting where the OP might be really hurt if someone posted an opposing view
-any Pitting where there's no opposing viewpoint eg. raping people is bad
-any Pitting with no outrage. . . fake outrage counts if it's convincing. Whining posts can go in MPSIMS. eg., breaking the lead on your pencil doesn't count as outrage unless you went on a rampage about it. And the rampage was funny. If the rampage was tragic, it goes in MPSIMS.

I'll also add my thanks to Gfactor for starting this thread.