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Would just like to suggest that we take into account peoples motivations in starting threads in the PIT as opposed to other forums.

Whatever the content of the OP, I think people prefer to post certain threads in the PIT because I think there is a different atmosphere/culture in the PIT.

Sure, a thread whinging about Pepsi-free may be perfectly fine in MPSIMS, but I don't want to hear the reactions of all the MPSIMS kitty-lovers lovers to my Pepsi problem, hell no, I want to hear the evil buggers in the PIT letting loose without restraint. My thread might be mundane as hell, but I dont want an award for good OP's, I just want to get some good invective going, and some honest reactions.

If we are going to start knocking threads from the PIT into other forums, please remember that the content of an OP does not make up the whole thread, and that many posters will not want GD reactions to their OP, or IMHO reactions, or GQ reactions. They enjoy the PIT, they want PIT reactions.

(This all assumes of course, that each sub-forum has a distinct culture. I believe it does)