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Just checking in to crow that I just received my first payment, after only 5 days as a member. 83 cents! Woo-hoo! What should I buy first?

There's a payment scheduled for tomorrow for a different loan for $1.91. Where's my top hat, monocle, and cigar? I'm rollin' in it, man!

As you can tell, I'm liking this, probably a bit too much.

My only issue is the 83 cent payment was actually scheduled for yesterday, but when I logged in yesterday morning, the status was "Processing", and didn't change to "Current" until approximately 30 minutes ago today, at which time the payment showed in my account. There seems to be a 24- to 36-hour period of processing for some reason. Anyone else experiencing this?

Anyway, I think I'll treat myself to a steak dinner at Ruth's Chris tonight, now that I'm so rich and all, not to mention suddenly cool and important.

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