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Originally Posted by Intergalactic Gladiator View Post
I thought it went from around $409000 to $249000 but I admit that I may have my numbers off (money is such an inexact science). Also, don't forget you get Herman as well, so he'll help you pay for the new build. You will need a training dummy if you want Herman to have a 1 hour task.
Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
It was $349K when I first started paying attention to it, it may very well have been $409 when you first noticed it. It's $249K now though.
Either way, I'm still holding off, I just don't feel the need for it at the moment.
Ya know what, now that I think about it, it was $249K when it became available to me. I just remember it was 'more money then I've ever had at once', but then about two weeks later I blew past $249 and since for the last few days I've been in the 300-350 range I was thinking it was $349K. My mistake.