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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
I had enough for both new buildings, but am down to $37000 again. Yikes, that was nearly $600000 for two buildings.
It's too bad making your place look nice can only swing your multiplier a few points one way or the other. During the time while I was waiting for Level 31 to come out I thought about putting in some bigger parks or outdoor theaters* (composed of fences/bushes/parking spaces/meters(vanity points)), but the most that would have done is brought me from 3.5 or 4 stars up to 5. Basically, it would have made my town look nice, but still a waste of money at a time when I need to save. I'm glad I've been scrimping and got myself up to about 700K. I just bought Herman's, so I'm down a few hundred thousand, but at least I'll have another character (and I'm glad I waited so long to get it).

*ETA, I've seen drive in theaters, but when I went to go find a picture, I found that amphitheater looking thing too. I'm not even entirely sure how they did that.