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Originally Posted by Antigen View Post
I am now being asked to build everything at once!
  • Hospital
  • El Chemistri
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Post Office
  • Squidport - Turban Outfitters

I started with the Temple because it will give me more characters to put to work. What do you advanced players recommend for my next build? I'm considering scrapping the Squidport quest line altogether because it will cost me a TON to buy the water territory and the boardwalks.
Well, as you said the Temple gives you Lenny and Carl. After that, I would just go from cheapest to most expensive. Building El Chemistri gets Comic Book Guy off your sidebar but the Hospital gives Dr Hibbert a 1 hour job.

I would probably go for Turban Outfitters next so you can keep moving forward on Squidport quests. The whole Squidport thing is very slow moving since those tiles take a long time to build. While you're at it, just keep building those, regardless of the cost, as soon as one is finished, build the next. I'm at the point where they're taking 2 days to build (and you can only build one at a time. Also, you have to place them in the water for them to count towards the quest.

When I was in your position, I was alternating between Squidport stuff and the rest of the things they were asking me to build (but always building tiles).

ETA, On the one hand, Squidport is supposed to be permanent so you probably don't need to be in any rush to finish it, but I'd hate to find out that you need to be at a certain level there to start something else either on the mainland or, for example, in Krustyland or some other thing that shows up at some point. So you probably don't want to completely ignore it and end up falling a month behind.

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