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Originally Posted by amanset View Post
So yes. About that whole "PC ports even if considered bad are still better than the console" thing.
Well, it's not ALWAYS the case, just 99% of the time. As mentioned, the only time this has been true that I can recall is Batman. Meanwhile, Just Cause 3 crashes on PS4, the latest tell tale game is a mess (not super great on PC either), and even this game hitches, crashes and sports a FOV that actually made my friend want to throw up watching a live stream of it! Rocket league dropped frames like crazy on release, and the list goes on. I know you really want the narrative to go the other way her,e but the facts just aren't going your way. Sorry. These days the issues aren't platform related, but developer related, and the chances of a console gamer having serious issues with a game are more or less about the same. It's just that PC gamers are loud when the game isn't up to PC standards. If a game drops to 25 FPS here and there - your average console gamer will go meh (though fo course some will, rightfully, complain too), but most PC gamers would find that unacceptable.

Meantime, I don't know why Hello Games just didn't hold back the PC version for another couple of weeks if it wasn't ready.

Although it seems like it's more than a few technical issues. Turning off frame caps (which default to 30, why??) and turning on AF + Vscyn outside the game, seems to cure most of the issues people are having.

But the UI functions exactly like the consoles! A UI that is essentially a MOUSE UI for a gamepad functions exactly the same when using a mouse complete with having to hold down the mouse button and waiting for a stupid circle to fill in order to select something. That clumsy shit is fine for the handicap of a gamepad, but not for a mouse and keybaord.

I guess you cna play with a gamepad, and I'm guessing most people are doing that, but still!

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