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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post

I went from "sounds cool, I'm interested, but sure does sound overhyped to me" to actually being angry at its success. Why in the world does this game, which even by people who like the game basically admit it's a niche indie game, have one of the biggest launches ever on steam? If this was a $20 indie game and got 30,000 people on launch day, I'd totally understand. It'd be like a Terrraria/Starbound/Kerbal type of hit. Which is about where it should be.
Not sure why you'd be angry, I mean how it does it affect you?

As for me, I've never pre-ordered a game but I pre-ordered this because I thought the concept sounded cool and I was in a bit of a gaming slump at the time. Maybe there were just lots and lots of people who thought the concept sounded cool. The difference between that and something like The Witcher is that The Witcher is a known quantity. The Witcher 3 was a sequel to a game that some people like and some don't. That automatically excludes a large number of gamers from ordering it because they already know they aren't interested. NMS had a cool sounding concept to pique gamer's interest and little enough actual detail that gamers would fill in the blanks with wishful thinking.

If this ends up being a disaster for Hello Games then I think they can blame Sony for jumping on it and themselves for not seeing the adverse affect the hype would ultimately have.