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Originally Posted by levdrakon View Post
NMS has a quintillion planets that are all the same but with different color schemes
Anyone wondering about buying the game, whatever other info you look at please disregard Levrakon's comment above, as it is not even close to being true.

The variety in this game is amazing. Certainly there are some things you run into more than once from planet to planet. But much more is different from world to world than is the same. The dimensions of variation involve things like topography, amounts of vegetation and fauna, density of "ground vegetation" (grasses etc) -- which, btw, is not always uniform across the entire surface of the planet -- amount and arrangement of bodies of water/land, color (yes of course), shapes of mineral outcroppings, animal and plant forms, weather characteristics (a very very simple weather model but it _does_ vary from world to world), ground textures (and planets have more than one, forming "regions" of a sort, though they're too small to really come across as "biomes"), cave depth, complexity and frequency, concentration of various resources.

That's what I can think of, I am sure there are other dimensions of variation as well.

Hell, it's hard to explain this but just the topographical variation--the sheer variety in _shapes of horizons_ I've encountered in my own gameplay and watching others' streams, kind of evokes a reaction from me. And that's just one variation dimension.

Levdrakon and others who say what he said above are really selling the game short.

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