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Anyone else watch? I really liked it, but it looks like from the previews things get crazier as the season goes on and it could be really fun.

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Strange as it may seem this SF fan has never seen the original. I might give this a try but I'm watching too much TV as it is.
I've seen the original and it's fun but not essential. Yul Brynner is great as the killer unstoppable cowboy robot, there's definitely some Terminator shades in him, but other than that the movie doesn't have a whole lot. It looks like the TV show has nicely expanded both the rules of the theme park and doing a whole lot more about artificial intelligence and identity, just as you would expect from the creator of Person of Interest.

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One nice thing about Westworld (and its forgettable sequel, Futureworld) is that it gave us another look at Yul Brynner as a kick-ass gunfighter. Whenever Brynner played a western gunman, he wore a black shirt. He did it first in [I[The Magnificent Seven[/I] and then in Catlow before donning the Black Shirt in Westworld and Futureworld. I'll bet we don't get a blackshirted gunslinger robot (or clone or whatever) in this incarnation.
Looks like there's not a straight match with the movie, because there was a blackshirted gunslinger robot in the Hector outlaw host, but it looks like the more main villainous type will be the Ed Harris character. I have a theory about him that I'll put in a spoiler box since it's partly from what I've read about the show and hasn't been in the show so far:

I'm guessing Ed Harris is Anthony Hopkins old partner. I'd read something about how Hopkins started the theme park with someone else and the partner was pushed out. Maybe Hopkins was too compassionate to them and Harris enjoyed treating them like toys. It would explain why he's trying to find the game within the game.