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Originally Posted by Boyo Jim View Post
Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to work as a weekly series?

I mean, I saw and really liked the original movie, but eventually the larger world notices all the ... dying of actual people. Do they bring in another bunch of tourists and have them killed weekly? Is there one group of tourists that are followed for multiple episodes whose numbers are thinned down by attrition? Do they have to join in some defensive coalition to stay alive?

Just wondering about the general plot development over time.
No tourists have died in the series. There were plenty of deaths, but only of the robots who can be brought back. The only permanent death was of a fly. Some robots were acting glitchy, but more like they were having a stroke or acting erratic, none of them turned on the tourists. Eventually as more problems develop with the robots there might be a tourist who dies, but it's not like the movie where there was a huge massacre. The series has taken the idea of the theme park and greatly expanded on it and the ideas inherent in it, it's not just a killer robot after the rich visitors.