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As far as I can tell, the ability to power through maps sort of smoothly scales, with a bit of a blip at 37 one way or the other depending if you buy wormholes. As you double your helium spent in perks, levels for you will slow down maybe 5 levels later. At least so far- I'm not all that much ahead, for me things slow down in the 40s then briefly speed up again when Collectors become available at 50. The last couple of runs I've made it into the 60s, but things really slow down after breaking the planet.
I'm on 37 now. Things have gotten tough, but I did just unlock Wormhole. I'd like to power through to zone 40 and unlock my next challenge. Boy, those Coordinations get demanding, though. My damage and health have gotten pretty useless.

Someone upthread said to only buy one Wormhole?