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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Suppose a person has a month left to live. You are very certain of this - you have a laboratory confirmed diagnosis and statistically, 99.9% of the patients in this pool die within 30 days. (we can discuss greater uncertainty at a later time). You could either get at most 30 days of interaction with that human being, or freeze them. Let's saying freezing them preserves only 50% of their mind, the other half is lost. But if you do potentially revive them in the future, and you think there's a 50% chance that will happen (so down to net '25% of them is left'), you get 25% of them for 1000 years.
Does the patient get any say in this?

If someone wants to be frozen, I'm fine with that. If someone wants to freeze me after I've finished using this body, I have no objection.

I do have an extreme objection to you judging that me losing the last month of my life is worth having a 50% chance of coming back with only half my mind intact.

And I am more than a bit skeptical of your optimism on those odds.