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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
I worked in Alzheimer's research at Stanford University. I'll try to keep up with your stupendous string of blathering nonsense.

I take issue in particular with this:

By several incentives, you mean health professionals prefer not to get charged for murder in order to "preserve" memories via a method which has never been shown to be effective at doing that. Oddly, healthcare professional prefer to provide quality care, and on the research side, we amused ourselves by trying to find an actual cure. Quaintly, we could do this without killing our patients and freezing their brains, and then waiting an unknown time for technology to be invented to see if there is anything left to be salvaged.

Really, why stop with Alzheimer's, you could expand to any terminal illness. They're all going to die anyway, amirite? Kill them now, while their brains are "fresh". No point in wasting medical care on anyone.

You are someone I would characterize as evil. You casually throw around the idea that early death for people whose lives have no meaning for you is reasonable. Their death is a worthwhile thing because it will help you pursue your dream of cryo. The idea that human death is a reasonable course of action to support Cryo is monstrous.
If only eugenics had caught on, we wouldn't have to kill and freeze people. But no-o-o-o-o.