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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Yes, though I wonder now if the bowler hat is entirely appropriate. In some ways it is, but most of his posts make me picture SamuelA as having a propeller beanie on his head, the propeller slowly rotating as he holds forth with his simplistic and almost amazingly always-wrong pontifications. The other thing wrong with that picture is that the jaw needs to be slack, with a thin stream of drool running down it, in order to properly represent the unique combination of bloviating pomposity and complete cluelessness that is our wondrous SamuelA.

The thing is, SamuelA, that many, many of us have, in fact, responded to your idiotic pontifications on their merits. This included the spacecraft engineer with whom you argued about propulsion and the neuroscientist with whom you argued about neuroscience, not only claiming that they were wrong and you, as always, were of course exactly correct, but insulting them in the process, as you do with almost everyone you converse with. There are plenty of examples in the asteroid thread in GQ that you started solely for the purpose of grandstanding (and succeeded only in getting your ass handed to you, because you didn't even understand the basics of what Stranger On A Train was saying), or in this thread about the mind and mind transfer -- a thread in which I, too, was sucked in to wasting my time because of your inane posts. They included gems like these:
Well, we have an established model that the brain is the effect of thousands of physical computational circuits ... We do know for a fact that consciousness most likely requires the collective activity of millions of neurons working collectively.
I happen to believe that the computational theory of mind is an important precept in cognitive science, but your type of pontification is an embarrassment to CTM. You don't even have the vaguest understanding of what CTM is. All an opponent of CTM would need to do to discredit it is get a nitwit like you to support it. Right, the mind is just a collective bunch of computational circuits working collectively! Problem solved! Now we move on the problem of emulating the body ... from that same thread, by you:
You could simulate the body by a very simple machine learning algorithm, and an implanted sensor in a volunteer that can measure the signaling molecules.
Problem solved again! We've now emulated both the brain and the body! This is how things get done when one is lucky enough to have a genius brain like yours at work on the problem!

Next, we move on to creating a vast army of autonomous self-replicating nanobots to populate the galaxy, also quite trivial once one understands the basic principles, which of course you do. Indeed, you know what you're talking about, and you're always right. At least according to you. You're an obnoxious fucking moron.

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