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Well, a couple hours of playtime, and I can see myself getting hooked on this.

I do have a couple questions:

1) I set up a row of algae terrariums to produce oxygen. Eventually, they were entirely encased in polluted oxygen, and when I moused over to see what the little red box was saying, it said they were out of algae. Does it die off and I have to find more? Or did my algae burner (or whatever that first thing is) use up all the algae out of my terrariums?

2) I built a group of planters, planted meal plants, and set up the mush maker to use the meal lice to make healthy, delicious bars of muck. Instead of ever getting used for muck, my idiotsduplicants just ate the damn seeds. Is there a way to prevent that?

I'm two colonies in, and neither has survived to see Day 20. This is giving me minor flashbacks to Dwarf Fortress, but with prettier mooks.