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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
It would undoubtedly have been advantageous, at least in the short term, to have nuked it in 2017. The Senate's legislative filibuster was the main obstacle to the Republicans enacting their agenda in 2017-2018.
They didn't really care about much besides the tax cut and killing Obamacare. They used reconciliation on both, so the tax cut passed, but they couldn't even get a majority to kill Obamacare. It made more sense to Mitch to keep it because the Dems might not have the guts to kill it, and if so, he'd win a massive series of victories by doing essentially nothing.

That SOB is an SOB, but he knows what he's doing. The Dems need a Mitch of their own; instead, they've got Schumer.