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Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
Far left, or ultra-left is anything that is to the political left of ME

So, for example, if I believe that minimum wages should be abolished, healthcare is a commodity best served by a free market, and that being gay is a choice that is designed to weaken and destroy our society....

Then it logically follows that the far left, radical cray-cray segment are those people who believe in a minimum wage policy, any government involvement in health care, and any gay rights whatsoever. They are far left radical insane people.
I disagree and I'm not sure where you get this idea. I can be in favor of eliminating the minimum wage, for example, yet at the same time realize that my position is far to the right of the mainstream. People who want a minimum wage, but bump it for inflation: mainstream. People who want a $15/hour minimum wage: far left.

That's a pretty accurate assessment, no matter my personal position on it.