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Originally Posted by Wrenching Spanners View Post
Also, which liberal democracies, outside of some minnows that donít have airports, donít have agencies that enforce border controls?
ICE was part of a restructuring that happened in 2003, incorporating duties once held by US Customs and Immigration and Naturalization Services. Before 2003, we got along just fine without them.
US Customs and Border Protection is the agency actually entrusted with securing the border. No one I know is in favor of eliminating that agency.
Another arm of that restructuring is USCIS, US Customs and Immigration Service. No one I know is in favor of eliminating that agency.

Ignorance fought.

By definition, ICE doesnít work within 50 miles of the border. Basically, I feel they are too heavily militarized for a mission conducted within civilian communities and that their tactics are too heavy-handed. I would like to see their duties re-examined and absorbed by other agencies.

Hardly a far left position.