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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
IMHO, incels generally have four options:

1. Continue the unhappy status quo forever;
2. Go abroad (not that incel-dom isn't a thing abroad, but most of the discussions about it are about American incels; and even an ugly American is usually granted a certain 'status' in some foreign countries);
3. Improve themselves (depending on situation, much easier said than done - for instance, if you have 3rd-degree burn scars over half your body, that's not cheaply or easily fixed)
4. Try to change society's attitudes
Really? You can't think of anything else at all that an incel could do to make themselves more appealing to others?

Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
I didn't even see it from an incel forum. I wouldn't want to spend time on one of those forums because I'm sure they'd be depressing as hell. I saw it from another subreddit post which has now been deleted.
How convenient.

Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
It's really weird how women do not like to date men who are angry, bitter, self absorbed and generally dislike women except as a place to put their penis.

I guess we'll never know exactly why women feel this way. Total mystery.
We vote each quarter. If your name isn't on the "fuckable" list, you are shit outta luck.

I want to acknowledge the men of the Dope who have stepped up to give this thread all of the consideration it deserves (and sometimes more - clicking on that link is a whole other kind of selfless). Y'all rock.

I'd say it was sweet that Velocity now has someone to seriously discuss these issues with, but it's really not. You are both fuckwits. Sod off.

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