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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
Do you practice deliberately missing points or does it just come natural?
Your notion that "all incels are hateful misogynists" is so easily disprovable it's ridiculous. Generally speaking, if you phrase a sentence about groups of people and who they are as people with "all ____ are ____" you're not going to win a debate on the veracity of that statement.

Because then all anyone has to do is provide a counterexample and you've been proven wrong. I've provided male examples from the BBC documentary, from female incel groups, and you yourself have provided the female who started the "incel" movement, all of whom disprove that the name "incel" must necessarily imply what you suggest it should.

You could say "some ____ are ___" or even "most ___ are ___" if you believe that to be true and we can have a debate. But if you say "all ___ are ___" you've lost by definition and revealed yourself as an ideologue not interested in nuanced discussion.