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This whole "being good" is totally another herring of the reddish hue.

Look, if I'm the determiner of my own damn actions, then at any given point I do what I deem to be good. That's the basis on which I decide my actions, and I'm the one who defines what IS good in the first place.

The archaic notion of "being good" assumes that God wrote down a bunch of moral rules and then you, being a "person of free will", are either a good boy or girl and obey those rules or else you're bad and chose to be bad, disobeying those rules. But if the rules actually do indeed apply to you, they are coterminous with your own sense of where your own best interests lie. Because if there are some external rules that you get measured against but which are not all about how best to serve your own interests, that itself conflicts with free will; it imposes a coercive force (of punishment, or judgement) upon you. (Or, if it doesn't, the notion of "being good" disappears in a puff of irrelevant smoke, being neither about how best to serve yourself NOR about badass retribution coming your way if you don't obey).