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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
Could you clarify what you mean by "unpredictable" in this sentence? Do you mean practically unpredictable but still deterministic? Or do you really mean non-deterministic, as in the Copenhagen interpretation? Or do you mean stochastic? Or what?

It's surely unpredictable, even in theory, because of the wavelike qualities of electrons in your neurons. It's probably also unpredictable, even in theory, due to chaos effects, sensitive dependence on initial conditions and so on, although I'm willing to be talked out of that one.

Leaving quantum effects aside, is it possible to predict, even in theory, how a spinning die will land after falling through turbulent air, for example? It's possible that there are too many variables to be solvable before the heat death of the universe or something.

Anyway, that's a hijack from the main point for me which is, even though you can't predict the outcome, that doesn't mean "free will" was involved. You can hook up a machine to output different things depending on the clicks of a Geiger counter and the movement of a feather in a turbulent windstorm, but no one would argue that the machine had free will.