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Late to the thread but I'll just throw in what I've said before: The only way to achieve a deal with the EU is to form a pro-Brexit party. So long as half of every party wants to stay - including the party in the majority - there is no path forward internally and that negates all work done externally.

As to Boris, my expectation is that he's smart enough to realize that there's no way to win the negotiations - and certainly there's no use telling the EU, "You better make a deal with me or I'm going to punch myself in the nads! Just you watch!" They'll just tell him to go ahead.

He's banking on there being no genuine calamity from a no-deal Brexit. So long as he can give companies enough forewarning to know that it's coming, they'll adapt and be ready and there won't be any major financial issue.

Ireland will be a problem, of course, but that's Ireland's problem. Your average voter just cares about the economy.

Properly telegraphed, Brexit is a long-term path to economic, political, and cultural unimportance on the economic stage. It's not a short term calamity.

Demonstrating that Hell on Earth doesn't unfold on day 1 of Brexit is likely enough to see Boris achieve recognition as having been "right all along".

Assuming that he doesn't get booted from the PM position between now and Brexit, I would say that you should expect Boris to come out looking like roses, even if he's taking things in a direction that is ultimately harmful to the country. The average populace thinks short term and the media has sold Brexit as the Apocalypse. Failing to deal in the land of reality is harmful over the long run. That's as true for the BBC as it is for Boris Johnson.

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