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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
If I calibrate it by comparison to May and Johnson then I don't think I know what "popularity" actually means or what conclusions to draw from it.

I mean, you must be surprised at how high up those two are yes?
I suppose, in calibrating how surprised we ought to be by anyone's ranking, the question to ask is "Yes, but which Tory politician did you think would be more popular?"

I'm not surprised by Johnson. The whole point of "Boris" was that there was a significant chunk of people who thought he was a top lad. I am a bit surprised by May, but I suspect that after she quit people started giving her sympathy and credit for trying.

I am surprised by Major being third because I would have thought that current MPs/Ministers would do better than him. Whether Rudd and Hammond on one side or Raab and Javid on the other, I am genuinely shocked no active Tory MP does better than Major. Which is damning for them but does suggest there's a decent number of people who respect his recent contributions on Brexit.