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Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
He is in the HoF. I'm too lazy to look it up but I want to say it was around 2016? Maybe 2017? Sometime around there.

I don't think he played long enough to merit his HoF induction, nor do I think he really was one of the greatest RBs to ever play the game (meriting an induction to the HoF) but he won Super Bowls and that counts for a lot so whaddyagonnado?
Davis was inducted in 2017, in his 11th year of eligibility. For years, the debate around Davis centered around, as you note, whether he had been good enough, for long enough*. And, the fact that Gale Sayers was in the HoF, with a similar injury-shortened career, was regularly referenced by Davis's supporters as justification for his inclusion.

* - he had a good rookie season, then three exceptional seasons, including breaking the 2000-yard-season milestone, then finally three seasons in which he played little, due to the injuries.

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