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Jim Thorpe?

He's widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes of his era.

He is most famous for his his performance in the 1912 Olympics, the only Olympics he ever competed in. He won gold in the pentathlon, and he dominated the decathlon, the first one he had ever competed in, including the first javelin event he had ever competed in. Then he dominated the decathlon in the AAU championships later that year. Then had his amateur status revoked due to having played baseball in a semi-pro league. Never competed in track and field again.

After that, he bounced around several Major League Baseball teams, playing parts of 6 seasons between 1913 and 1919. He also bounced around a number of semi-pro American football teams between 1913 and 1920, before the NFL was founded. He was a founding member of the APFA in 1920, which became the NFL in 1922. He played only 52 games in the APFA/NFL between 1920 and 1928. He also played for a semi-pro barnstorming basketball team during the 1920s, but few details of that are known.

Prior to all of that, he also played four years of collegiate football, where he was widely regarded as a dominant player at several positions, and two years of collegiate track and field, where he also excelled.

Although his total athletic career was fairly lengthy, that was because he played so many different sports. He's in the halls of fame for Pro Football (only 52 games over parts of 9 seasons), college football (a full collegiate career but that's only 4 years), American Olympic teams (was only on one), and the national track and field competition (only two years of collegiate track and field competition and one AAU appearance).

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